Personal Injury Statistics in the United States

Personal injury lawyers greenvilleIn the U.S. one lawsuit initiated each and every two seconds. This is a huge amount of different lawsuits that need to be handled. Often the amount of cases varies based upon a particular person, compared to where you live and the extent of those injuries. With an increase in these lawsuits arising in this country, it could be interesting to view the different types of personal injury claims recorded across the United States.

Accidents on the highways of this country are number one in personal injury claims, stated a personal injury lawyer Greenville SC – “these traffic automobile accident injury cases normally include drives, pedestrians, and cyclists”. The increase in these cases is closely related to how much time each day a person is traveling in their car, a lot more time is spent inside the car means you are likely to experience an automobile injury. Across the country, numbers have been seen as high as 5 million car incidents every year, resulting in quite a few lawsuits.

The next type of injury most reported across this country, work related injuries, common accident injury lawsuits that result from some form of injury while on the job. Despite people becoming hesitant to record any type of injury sustained at work for fear that they may lose their position, this lawsuit still comes second behind auto related injuries. While work related accidents might go unreported, over 3 million non-fatal accidents were recorded last year.

Another common injury claim is from personal assaults. In spite of assault claims going down, they still are the cause of the third most accidental claims year in and year out. The violent crimes perceived by most in this country can be declining, and still does not hide the fact statistics are extremely high from assault claims on a yearly basis. Last year over 2 million claims of this nature were filed with law offices across the United States.

Slip and falling injuries accounted for over 7 million Americans filing claims, and can happen anywhere you will be walking, whether a supermarket, swimming, work, even in your house. Personal injury cases in this country will in fact be presented to more law firms specializing in the negligence of another person.

Liability claims would be the final type of accident claim filed in the states. Approximately 21,000 product liability lawsuits are made each and every year. This type of claim is related to a variety of products, and around 6% of these injury lawsuits result is compensation for the client. For more information visit: