Charleston SC Real Estate Trends Effect on Marketing Plans

Charleston Homes For SaleMarket trends are something that every realtor should stay focused on if he/she wants to maintain viability in their market area. Know what your clients are “after” is key to setting systems in place that can meet or exceed their expectations.

When look for Charleston homes for sale, Premier One has asked the right questions and has continued to adjust it’s marketing efforts based on this continual feedback. Here are some key trends that they have discovered and we continue to worked with them to make sure they stay on top of marketing and client management to meet these demands.

One of the best ways of achieving your financial goals is by investing in real estate. Hundreds of investors from all across the globe have purchased and developed parcels of land in growing areas in the southern US. Some of the factors that make it a lucrative investment are include high safety standards, serine environment, and high number of tourists who visit this region especially during summer and festive season.

Here are some trends that you might consider for you area of the country also:

  • According to various local real estate directories; home resale inventories changed by 0.05% from August to November 2014. Also, foreclosure and short sales have remained constant throughout the year. It is also important to note that median price listing of Charleston properties stagnated as compared to other neighboring areas.
  • Just like other regions, real estate prices are subject to various market forces such as inflation and competition. Rampant increase in demand for properties in this region has led to massive increase in prices. Research study carried out by professional real estate agencies show that prices increased by 55% this year. Only 393 price decreases were recorded.

Let us proceed and look at some of the factors that investors need to consider when planning to invest in this region.


The price tag on various properties varies depending on its size and specific utilities. It is recommendable to carry out an intensive research on prices to choose properties that best fits in your budget. Internet is one of the best platforms that you can use to do you research as most websites can be accessed not only through the computer but also mobile devices such as tablets.


To derive maximum returns from your investment in Charleston SC, it is wise to choose properties that are easily accessible from various transport networks. More importantly, it should be close to various social amenities such as shopping malls, restaurant, and entertainment joints.

Hire Real Estate Agent: 

Real estate agents help investors to choose the most profitable properties. Hire the best to get the best results and avoid regrets down the road. Some of the factors that you should consider during the hiring process include experience, reputation, legal accreditation, and reliability as well as realtor fees. Most of them actually have websites that you can use to get information on their services and working protocols.

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